Freshjobs in a nutshell

Freshjobs is an established Swiss job platform for vacancies in the web environment.
Our clearly defined target group are web professionals from the areas of design, frontend, development, marketing and communication, project management, consulting as well as other internet specialists.

The main advantages

The biggest advantage for companies advertising on Freshjobs is our niche. Our clear focus on web jobs allows us to reach our target audience with almost no scatter loss.

In addition, we offer a long listing time of 60 days, instead of the usual 30 days, at very attractive prices.

The platform was developed by web professionals for web professionals. Therefore, we know the needs of our target group very well and how to reach them. That’s why Freshjobs collaborates with various Swiss web conferences, such as the Frontend Conference Zurich or the World Information Architects Day.

Reasons for Freshjobs

Web specialists as a clearly defined target group

Company directory
(with geo-filter)

Presence at industry-relevant conferences

Social Push via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Job subscription by e-mail

Platform for remote jobs and location-independent work

Online magazine with in-depth content and exciting backgrounds

Target groups & visitors

65% of all visitors come from Switzerland, 17% from Germany. The remaining visitors are mainly from the USA, France, Austria and Great Britain.

Visitors per month


Views per listing


Social media reach


The job listing with the widest reach are viewed over 800 times. On average, an listing receives around 200-300 views.

The majority of visitors click on newly published ads within the first 2 days thanks to email subscription and social sharing.


Price per job listing

CHF 200.-

incl. VAT


60 Days

We manually review each job listing before it is posted to ensure the quality of our platform. When published, the job is automatically shared on our social media channels Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Further reasons

For companies

  1. Job listings can be created simply and easily
  2. Personal contact with the Freshjobs makers
  3. Runtime of 60 days instead of the usual 30 days
  4. Job listings can be paused free of charge
  5. Job listings can be edited after publication
  6. User-friendly dashboard with all your running job listings
  7. Very attractive price-performance ratio
  8. Established platform: web professionals have been searching for jobs on Freshjobs since 2011

For job seekers

  1. Jobs from all over Switzerland
  2. Quality before quantity: A handful of jobs exclusively from the web sector
  3. New jobs from large and well-known companies are added regularly
  4. Interesting jobs from smaller agencies & startups
  5. Consistent job listings because of predefined formatting
  6. Only industry-relevant jobs, thanks to strict control
  7. Real job postings and no recruiter traps
  8. Established platform, used by well-known companies since 2011

Quality assurance

Job listings on Freshjobs are created by our customers and approved by us. Thus, we ensure that only job listings that are of interest to our users are published on Freshjobs. To increase the reach, the jobs are automatically published on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. We also offer various RSS feeds allowing the data to be subscribed to or further processed by our platform (feeds by: companies, regions, search terms). In addition, we obtain jobs from a large platform via an interface tailored for us. We also check and format those listings manually too.

There are no hurdles for job seekers on such as CV upload or hidden contact details. We do not store any user data from job seekers.

Stripe Climate Membership

At Freshjobs, we are convinced that companies can make a crucial contribution to combating climate change. That’s why 2% of the revenue from a job ad goes to modern technologies for removing CO₂ from the atmosphere, among other things.

The team behind Freshjobs

If you are ever in contact with us, you will be dealing with the required team.