Feeds and Data

Freshjobs offers you all data

Yes, you have read correctly, we offer you all our data in the form of RSS feeds for subscription and further processing. Since our system is based on WordPress, we already offer a versatile collection of RSS feeds that you can subscribe to.

Main feed

You can subscribe to our feed with all job advertisements and blog posts at https://freshjobs.ch/feed/.

Category Feeds

You only want to subscribe to jobs for a certain category?

Regions Feeds

Instead of regions, we have arranged our posts by counties (called cantons in Switzerland) which are also available as feeds. Simply leave out /feed/ at the end of the URI and you will get the jobs of the respective region displayed on our site. Dots and distances become a “-” and all cantons are written in lower case. Here are a few examples:

Feeds according to workload

As you can see in the navigation, we publish full-time, part-time and freelance job advertisements. These are of course also offered as RSS feeds:

Feedback and wishes

If your desired feed is still missing, you have problems with the integration or if you have built something cool with our data, please let us know at team@freshjobs.ch.