What is Freshjobs?

Freshjobs is a job platform for jobs in the web industry. Here you find modern jobs in the areas of design, frontend, development, project management, consulting, marketing and other web jobs. All job listings on Freshjobs are created by our customers and approved by us. This ensures that only job postings that are of interest to our users are published on Freshjobs. To increase the reach, the jobs are automatically published on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, we offer email subscription for job seekers and various RSS feeds so that the data can be subscribed to or further processed by our platform (feeds by: companies, regions, search terms).

What is Freshjobs not?

With Freshjobs, we address web professionals – sales specialists, content managers and similar positions, for example, are not part of our target group. There are no hurdles on Freshjobs.ch directly, such as CV upload or hidden contact details. Likewise, no user data is stored.

How did Freshjobs come about?

With Freshjobs we would like to close the gap that we have encountered time and again in the online job search. The job titles for jobs in the web industry are not protected. In order to get useful results on conventional job boards, you have to search under many different search terms. A quick result is therefore not guaranteed in every case. In addition, many companies in the sector do not advertise on the existing platforms, as the results are often unsatisfactory and the costs are too high. This is exactly the gap that Freshjobs is trying to close, as the platform was created by “geeks for geeks”.

Hence our slogan since 2011: Working with Internet.