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Acodis AG

Acodis is a young technology company located in Winterthur, Switzerland. We are experts in extracting unstructured data from documents, making it available for analytical utilisation or further automated processing.

Approximately 80% of all business-relevant information is deemed unstructured and locked inside documents such as scans, PDFs, or emails. To extract information without Acodis, relevant data needs to be copy/pasted or typed out manually – resulting in a repetitive and time-consuming workflow that is error-prone and costly.

We help you by implementing new possibilities of data extraction into your existing system. With the help of AI, we decode documents even if they vary in structure or layout. We provide standard packages as well as custom solutions that tailor to your business goals – while showing you how to train, validate, and extend learning systems that are based on your documents.

Acodis’ software solution can ultimately enable you to automate business processes and improve your analytics.

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