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Yova AG

Yova is the leading digital platform for investing with a sustainability impact. Yova customers invest directly into companies that help to solve global problems, e.g. by fighting climate change or by promoting human rights. All investments are professionally diversified portfolios that are designed for attractive financial returns.

How can I invest sustainably and transparently? The old financial system couldn’t answer this question ⁠— that’s why we founded Yova.

Our why

Yova exists to create a more sustainable world through investing. We want to make sure our grandchildren, and yours, inherit a Planet Earth that is liveable.

Our vision

A financial system that doesn’t just benefit the finance industry – but also people and their environment. Lives that are rich in more than wealth alone. And a sustainable world with a bright future.

Our mission

To make it easy for everyone – even beginners – to invest in a sustainable and responsible future, without compromising their returns.