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Elca Informatik AG

With a team of more than 900 Consulting and IT experts, ELCA is Switzerland’s biggest independent IT company leading in the fields of IT Business Consulting, software engineering, system integration and application maintenance/hosting.

ELCA is particularly active in the finance and insurance sectors, in health care, public services, the event industry, retail and the transport sector. We have specific expertise in a number of core technologies (eg. Java and .Net) and while we are experts for standard products by our strategic partners, we are a leader in software engineering and tailor-made solutions.

At ELCA, we strive for the highest quality and put our full energy into each challenge to literally \“make it work\“​. In order to keep our solutions at the cutting edge of technology, we foster relationships with internationally leading universities and are heavily involved in research and development.

Today, the ELCA Group comprises ELCA Informatique SA and SecuTix SA with headquarters in Lausanne and branches in Bern, Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Paris, Madrid, London and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (offshore development).