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senior backend software developer

role description

You will be developing relai’s backend systems using go and python with a focus on resilience, quality and security in the context of an event-driven microservices architecture.

main responsibilities

  • design and implement high-quality backend services
  • participate in code reviews and audits
  • work closely with devops / test engineers

desired skills

  • at least 6 years of experience in a similar role
  • experience with
    • go and/or python
    • docker, kubernetes
    • git and the related branching models
    • CI/CD systems
    • working in an agile setting
  • knowledge of cloud / microservice design patterns
  • preference for simple solutions that are improved in an iterative fashion
  • visceral rejection of gratuitous complexity and obsession with clean code
  • mad communication skills ideally coupled with a sense of humor
  • self-starter and able to work independently with minimal supervision

Interested? Please send your application to our HR-Partner,