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Lead engineer (Python 3.5)

We seek an entrepreneurial, python experienced engineer to join us in our Zurich office immediately.

You will work on integrating 3rd party applications into a seamless operating system connected to a scalable datawarehouse.

Our clients are a fast growing social ventures providing essential services – energy, water, information, financial – to customers in frontier markets.

Catalyst is incubated by on of the leading VC impact investors in collaboration with the Shell Foundation.

Catalyst will pay excellent salaries and offer ownership stakes to top candidates.

To be considered, please provide us with:

  • Evidence of your capabilities in Python 3.5
    1. A link to previously released software (git-hub, etc.)
    2. A Python script that (i) connects to Google’s API, (ii) copies data from a GoogleSheet to a local PostGres database, (iii) operates on a commercial cloud.
    3. A short describtion and analysis of your Python script.
  • Your potential start date in Zurich.
  • 1-2 references you have worked with or for in the past.


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