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IT expert (generalist / data- & application integration)

Catalyst provides applications and data integration services to social for-profit businesses in emerging markets. Businesses supported by Catalyst will provide millions of people with clean energy, safe drinking water, health care, financial services, education, transportation…

Catalyst is a well funded, venture backed start-up run by a team of passionate experts. We understand IT, emerging markets and venture development.

We offer positions in our Zurich office.

You get: attrative salary and benefit package; work with meaning; a chance to see and (!) change the world; expert collegues you can learn with.

You work on: understanding customers IT challenges; selecting-, configuring- and integrating- applications into application networks; setting up databases, optimizing data-models; securing data; managing data. [This position is less about coding and more about solving IT issues. We don’t develop a product (yet) we provide solutions to our customers.]

Your bring: 3+ years experience working in and with IT; availablity 80-100% immediately.

We are looking to hire IT generalists, experience in data management and application integration are a plus.


We offer attractive benefits beyond salary, work with meaning and success. We balance life and work. We understand the needs of being a parent of young children. We have created a great place to work - we would be excited to share it with you.


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