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Frontend developer – ReactJS

The future is looking bright, but busy, and we’re on the search for a collaborator in the area of frontend web development.


While our projects cover quite a wide range in terms of tech skills, we’re foremost looking for someone who’s fit in frontend web development. So, the usual: Javascript ninja skills (definitely React, possibly Angular/Vue/Riot/whatever), solid in styling (with an eye for design), and a good measure of structural thinking (interaction workflows, state management etc.). And most importantly, a curiosity and interest in learning and trying out new things.

Server experience (PHP/NodeJS/Python/others) and a feeling for DB structures (Sequel/NoSQL/Graph) is a great plus, as is mobile app development experience (native/emulated) and tinkering with micro controllers, etc.


The work we do always involve a lot of Herzblut, and a certain level of passion for finding new solutions to interaction with information and the creation of knowledge – in all areas – would be super essential. What that means exactly, is something we can find out together.


Right now we don’t have a clear plan for how the future of A/Z&T + Collaborators could look, so we’re open for suggestions. A full-time, part-time or project-based employment, or as an external contractor – all possible. Perhaps there are constellations we haven’t thought of, yet, so please don’t hesitate to ping us if you have another suggestion.

Location-wise, if you’re in/around Zürich that’s super, but not an absolute must.