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Frontend developer (Blockchain Project)


  • Responsible for frontend development. Currently this includes our real-estate platform (decentralized application) and company website
  • Responsible for implementing clean, simple user interfaces and experiences and working with our designers to bring mockups to life!


Minimum qualifications:

  • At least 2 years of work experience as a software engineer with a focus on frontend and a portfolio of projects to show
  • Expert in Javascript, html, css and state-of-art frameworks (we use Vue.js)
  • Functional programming experience a major plus. Whether functional javascript, clojure, lisp, etc… Solid understanding of data structures and state
  • Pragmatic programmer who keeps things simple and focuses on solutions that deliver core value
  • Experience with AWS/cloud services and infrastructure, especially serverless architectures
  • Has a solid track record of developing and shipping secure websites/web apps at scale
  • Knowledge of the full-stack, has a well rounded understanding of frontend and backend (you will integrate with our backend via REST API, libraries)
  • Strong with databases (both sql and noSQL) and in general working with data
  • BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Fluent in English

Preferred qualifications:

  • Technical writing (please include technical blog posts, white-papers, etc… you’ve written)
  • An active GitHub repo (please include links to popular repos you’ve created)
  • Contributor to a framework or open source project (ie Vue, an npm module, a plugin, etc…)
  • German (native or fluent)

Please reach out to us and let us know which programmer(s) had the most influence on how you code today!

We are currently 100% focused on the development of our DApp and a solid legal framework with our legal partner. Are you qualified and up for a big challenge? Submit your resume today.


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